May 5, 2012

A Pitcher of Lemonade

I've been doing a lot of questing-resting-plotting-plodding-reading-needing lately.  You know, where deep in your soul you know you have to do something different?  But what?  So I turn to books -- Uncertainty, The Firestarter Sessions, The Creative Habit, life is a verb.  And through my reading I discover connections and new directions.

Reading Uncertainty by Jonathan Fields lead to the discovery of Erik Proulx who directed Lemonade.  We all know the saying "when life hands you lemons..." That's what he did when he was laid off from his ad agency job -- he made Lemonade.  It's light and dark, deeply moving and profoundly inspiring.  And it led Erik Proulx to his second movie Lemonade:Detroit.

Everyone knows Detroit.  Paris of the West, the birthplace of the automobile, Motown.  Everyone also knows that it's deeply in pain, it's suffering.  It's the poster child for what ails America.  But people haven't given up on it.  Lemonade: Detroit shows this love.

I watched the trailer and I also fell in love -- with David Blair.  Blair, as he was known, loved Detroit and through his words I can glimpse the city it hopes to be again.

Blair also gives me hope, through the beauty and passion of his words.  Hope that the glass is half full, that life's obstacles are often just great opportunities disguised, and that there is enough juice left for a tall, cold pitcher of lemonade.


Woz said...

Blair really is amazing! His words are so infused with passion and fire. I love how he loves his city and says that though he is a small town boy he was "made in Detroit." That's powerful.

Like you, I am doing a lot of reading and needing lately, too. Inspiration is thick right now and it's so very good.

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Pace Smith said...

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