March 1, 2012


The boyfriend and I have finally lost our property virginity and are preparing to climb the property ladder by becoming landlords.  We just bought a square box of a duplex in Gatineau Quebec, just a 10 minute drive to Ottawa (our nation's capital). 

It was built in 1945 (the duplex, not our nation's capital) and has been lived in and loved by just two families over the years.  It's in great condition (even for almost 70) and has had a bit of face work done, so it really only looks 40. The current owner lives in the ground floor suite so we will have to find a new tenant but fortunately the top floor has been rented by the same family for four years.

I'm a bit anxious about being a landlord.  After being a tenant for so many years, and having lived through Landlord Hell, I don't want to come across as, well Pearl.