September 13, 2010

Change Will Do You Good

I had the great fortune to go bra shopping on Saturday. I think most of you women out there will agree, bra shopping ranks way up there on the "things we love to do" list. Right up there with bathing suit shopping, jeans shopping, and gynecological exams.

My old bra was barely keeping the girls front and up, where they belonged. The final clincher was when I pulled the old girl out of the washing machine and it came wrapped around my yoga pants and The Boyfriend's long johns (yes, we are aleady wearing long johns in Canada -- go ahead, have your little laugh. Global warming -- hmph) and it was now suitable for slingshot use only.

Amy, my dear hair stylist (whom you have met here before) had recommended Change but I was a little skeptical. Amy's somewhat less endowed than I am and is able to wear a much larger selection of bras. If I even go near La Senza my boobs pop out of my bra -- just in anticipation of me bending over. But I took her advice. And am I ever glad I did. It was the best bra shopping experience of my life. It may have been the best shopping experience. Period.

First of all the store was full of beautiful things -- all sorts of styles, colours, and patterns. Second, the staff were really knowledgable and helpful. They put me in a change room, measured me, and were back in no time with handfuls of bras. Yvonne helped me and she is my new best friend.  She brought me every bra she currently owns. The first one I tried on I'm still wearing today (well, I did take it off to sleep, but barely).  It's a gorgeous satin navy blue and is called a balconette. 

My girls feel like they are 20 again.  I walked out of the store with 4 bras in an assortment of colours (and an agreement to call Yvonne so we don't wear the same bra to the same event), my shoulders back and my head held high.  I even bent over to pet a dog.  No double exposure!  I also received a free gift.  A mesh bra washing bag.  No more tangles with the yoga pants and long johns. 

Whe I got home I had a good look at the bag.

Here's what the fine print says:

Clean Home Daily-using Commodity Co., ltd
Washing Bag - New product of 21th century

Usage Direction:

Choose suitable bag before washing.  When filling clothes, make it less than 2/3 of the bag's subage.  Put it into washing machine ofter drawing zipper.


Protect clothes, reduce rolling and distortion in washing maching and make clothes in previous state.

Mesh disperse running water.  Bag surface cooperate with washing machine and makes washing easier and quiklier.

Protect crock of washing machine and lengthen the usage of washing machine.

Made of guilified material and being durable, it is the perfect washing article of modern family.

There are no typos above.  Honest.  I'm not sure what a washing machine's crock is or what guilified material is, but given the wink and thumbs up I'm sure to be very happy with my new product of 21th century.

This is one change that will definitely do me good.


Kay said...

come to think of it... I have gone FAR to long without my mesh bag... where did that thing go??? Be careful! Because the machines eat them as if they are socks.. somewhere between removing it from the washing machine and doing all the other nonesense to the dryer and wala! no more mesh bag...

hmph. enjoy the new bras!!! (sigh) you're right.. love doing that! (now if only they could get some "natural" lighting instead of those forbidden flourescent lights! ugh.

shine little light* said...

Hilarious!!!!!!!! Love engrish!
Oh and nice bra post ;)

mylifeonice said...

I love a good bra story - thanks for sharing. I found "Change" a while back and also had a great experience. Hope you treated yourself to some matching undies. tee hee.