September 2, 2010


Well would you look at the date today. It's September 2nd, 2010. And for all you Beverly Hills devotees, that translates to 90210. I was not a fan of the show, but it does take me back to 1990 and Seinfeld, Twin Peaks, Pretty Woman, and Tears for Fears. We had some fun back then, didn't we?

We all wanted the Rachel haircut,


Doc Martens

Windows 3.0

On the other hand, maybe things weren't so great.

George Bush Sr is President

Operation Desert Shield begins

and so does the US Recession

Depletion of the Ozone layer over the North pole is detected

Hmmm...makes a girl pause to ponder. 

In 2010 we are still in the midst of a world wide recession,  still fighting Operation Iraqi Freedom and we now have Windows 7.  Oh, and there's a new 90210. 

It would appear that history really does repeat itself.  Too bad it wasn't the good stuff.


mylifeonice said...

I had Rachel's hair. I can't believed I actually asked for it, but I've got to tell looked mightly fine.

Anonymous said...

Since your Canadian, I don't think you really get a say on George Bush.