August 24, 2010

X Marks the Spot

I know that some think that Vancouver is the centre of the universe, but a giant X shaped cloud marking the spot might be taking it just a bit too far.  Besides, everyone knows the centre of the universe is Kamloops.

August 16, 2010

August 10, 2010

One Hundred Potato Chip Challenge

Now this is a challenge I'd excel at.  The training would be torturous I'm sure, but it would be worth the effort.

But the real challenge is push ups.  Normally when I think of push ups this comes to mind (probably to The Boyfriend's mind too):

But what we're actually doing is the One Hundred Pushup Challenge.
The boyfriend and I started about two weeks ago. The goal is simply insane (anytime something seems impossible, sign me up). After training for approximately six weeks -- only three times a week -- we should be able to do 100
(that's ONE HUNDRED) pushups in a row.  Without stopping.  Real push ups -- not those mamby pamby ones done on your knees.

Before beginning Week One we both had to take do a test to see how many push ups we could do in a row.  The Boyfriend did 18.  I did two.  I didn't believe that was all I could do so I tried again.  One this time.  On my knees (I will admit to being mamby pamby from time to time) I was able to eke out 10 (but it kinda felt like cheating and I wanted to do real push ups).  Based on these results, The Boyfriend was to follow training track three (for the most advanced).  I was to follow track one (for the physically impaired/nearly dead/over 100 years old). 

The training was broken down into sets of pushups with rest intervals.  My first day I was to do a set of  two with 60 seconds rest, a set of three, with 60 seconds rest, a set of two followed by more rest, another set of two followed by oxygen, and finally the last set was to be as many as I could do with three being the minimum.  Needless to say my final set consisted of me weakly raising my hand in the general direction of The Boyfriend and mumbling something about donating my body to science. 

But Day 2 I was feeling energized and brawny.  I was to do the following:

Set 1: 3
Set 2: 4
Set 3: 3
Set 4: 3
Set 5: as many as I can but a minimum of 4

And I did them!  And even managed to do 8 IN A ROW for the final set. 

Yesterday was Day 2 Week 2 and I managed to do a total of 33 pushups (14 for my final set).  I'm feeling psyched.  Though I have been reading other blogs about this challenge and it seems everyone hits a wall in Week 3.  I don't think The Boyfriend and I will though, as we are actually enjoying the training and the improvements we're seeing. 

See, look how much fun we are having at the beach.