June 21, 2010

Lucky Thirteen

It was the boyfriend and my 13th anniversary on Sunday. The week before we decided we would celebrate by going out to dinner at Aqua Riva. We had a $50 gift certificate (that we had won at a Christmas party -- we don't get out much) and thought it would be nice to finally use it. We figured the total for dinner for two with wine would come in around $150 - $200 so $50 would take a bit of the bite out of the cost.

Saturday morning, while in the shower, I decided that I didn't really feel up to the hassle of finding my "going out" lipstick, driving 10 minutes to get downtown, using the free parking the boyfriend has, having someone pull out my chair for me, cooking and serving me dinner, then walking around the beautiful Vancouver waterfront, hand-in-hand with the boyfriend. Just too much effort. So I said to the boyfriend:

Me: How would you feel about not going out to dinner tonight?
BF: How do you feel about not going out to dinner tonight?

(This is why the boyfriend and I have been together for 13 years.)

I cancelled the reservations.

It was a beautiful day. We grabbed the dog and headed down to the wharf at Granville Island. The shrimp boat was in.

It is Spot Prawn season in British Columbia at the moment. We got 10 live beauties (very much in the eye of the beholder) for $8. We then headed into the Market and bought a pound of fresh halibut, some yellow and orange peppers, Yukon Gold potatoes and a bottle of Sandhill Pinot Gris.

Grand total: $56

Home we went to warm up the barbie and prepare our feast.

I only squealed once when I opened the bag of prawns and they all tried to jump out (really, not kidding -- friggin freaky).

If you read my earlier post about cooking lobster, you'll know that I am a seasoned killing machine. I tossed the lot of them in a big pot of boiling water for 30 seconds, drained them and put them on the table. That simple.

The halibut went on the barbeque with a fantastic marinade of dijon mustard, tarragon, lemon zest, and olive oil.

And the table was set.

It was amazing. The halibut was absolute perfection and the Spot Prawns? Unbelievable. They were a bit messy to de-shell, but worth the effort. They tasted of the ocean, of sun, of West Coast breezes. We didn't put anything on them either -- no garlic butter, no cocktail sauce (OMG that would be like putting ketchup on -- well anything).

Finishing with drinks on the balcony, gazing at our beautiful city, we raised our glasses.

Here's to 13 years of love and laughter. Here's to the ocean, sun and West Coast breezes. Here's to finding joy and perfection in the little things (even if they jump out of a bag and freak you out).

Hugs and kisses.


Cheryl said...

Happy 13th!!! Sounds like you found the perfect way to celebrate. Restaurants, esp. pricey ones are usually more trouble than they're worth.

Those are some gigantic prawns, btw!
And what a gorgeous view!

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Congrats for loving each other for all these years~ Adorable & so romantic guys!!

shine little light* said...

Happy anniversary! *s*

Kay said...

sounds perfect... a true testiment to another 13x5 :)

The Poet said...

Congrats to you and Pat! I just celebrated 3 months with the boyfriend. I got a bit more time go, I think! Anyhow, I am glad you had a really great time and what seems like a superb dinner!!!! Make sure you invite next time :-) Hugs

Sharon McPherson said...

That has got to be the most romantic post I have ever read Lianne. Happy Anniversary

People do say relationships get better and better over time (assuming it's right from the start. Doh?)

The table setting looks devine, the view is ahh so romantic. I feel so happy for you ... or there may well be something in the air. I'm celebrating a little anniversary of my own, two weeks with new boyfriend. Believe me this is quite an accomplishment for me.

By the way 'knitting a baby hat' is that a clue for greater news ??? fingers crossed xx

BrightenedBoy said...

What a view.

Your city sounds very lovely. I hope I get to go there one day. I've been to the West Coast of my own country on a single occasion and I liked it very much.

A delicious dinner at home can be much better than going out. The big seafood item here is blue crabs, which also have a tendency to try and escape once you get them into the kitchen. Once when I was very young one made it out of the pot, through the back door, up the deck stairs, and into our pool. I'm still not sure how that happened.

Thirteen can be lucky sometimes. Thirteen Colonies started the United States, and that's gone pretty well so far.

da coach said...

like the photo of dog on table