June 14, 2010

Facebook? Twitter? Fritter's For Me!

I quit facebook recently. It was getting too invasive and annoying. Facebook was randomly sending emails to people in my address book, asking them to be my friends. I don't know about you, but if people are in my address book, chances are they are already my friends and I don't want an anonymous email harassing them into being better friends. That's my job.

So what replaced facebook? Twitter of course. Now I am consumed by the random tweets of people I don't even know. Twitter is the National Enquirer of the social media world except instead of paparazzi slyly snapping photos of that famous person eating a hamburger they probably shouldn't be eating, the famous person tell us in their own 140 characters that they are eating a hamburger they probably shouldn't be eating (and they can now include their very own photo). Excellent you think -- right from the horses mouth. The problem with this though is that I've managed to pick up quite a few Twits and following them takes up a fair amount of time. Not to mention The Boyfriend is anti-social media and I'm driving him nuts with "OMG this is too funny -- CraigyFerg just tweeted "Emptied Dyson Ball vacuum for the first time. Found Jimmy Hoffa." The Boyfriend keeps reminding me that I don't actually know Craig Ferguson and he's not actually sending me a personal message. True, but...

This has lead me to think I need to start a new social media of my own.

If the world can waste 4.82 million hours playing Google Pac-Man then I think the world is ready for Fritter. Imagine your iPhone or Blackberry incessantly beeping (think vuvuzela -- which BTW has its own twitter account), alerting you to mindless, repetitive things that you can do to "fritter" away those long, boring hours of your life. Every half an hour or so you'd receive a new Fret.

Such as:
1)Google search "how to watch paint dry"
2)Count the number of holes in the ceiling tiles in your office
3)Finally figure out what thread count means and if it's important
4)Think about why it is that when you're driving and looking for an address,you turn the radio down
5)Sort your paper clips by ridges or smooth, not size

Don't worry if you are still wasting time on the old Fret, there will always be time to catch up on doing nothing.

Ok, despite what I said about Twitter, Jann Arden just started following me. I love Twitter!!!


sallymandy said...

Fritter. Sign me up. I can't quite get the hang of Twitter, and am similarly annoyed at Facebook, like you.

BrightenedBoy said...

The turning down the radio one is a legitimate thing, though. I tend to get really into music, in general as well as when I'm driving, and I always worry that if I had the radio too loud I'd get distracted and possibly miss the address I was looking for.

Forgetful mama said...

I thought I was the only one turning the radio down when looking for an address! I just can't seem to think clearly with the noise.

And as for the paperclips, I don't like the ridges!