May 24, 2010

By Grand Central Station I Sat Down and Wept

"And in the end all that we can do is to sit at the table over which our hands cross, listening to tunes from the wurlitzer, with love huge and simple between us, and nothing more to be said."

Elizabeth Smart (1913-1086)

As many before us have, we entered Grand Central Station our first night in New York. I was awed, goosebumped and emotional. At that moment I believed New York City was the greatest city on earth and that I would do anything to stay.


Kay said...

so nice to fall in love...sigh

Cheryl said...

I second that! New York is one of those places I keep returning to. Such a wonderful city.

BrightenedBoy said...

What a beautiful dedication to Jacqueline Kennedy. This country, for all its faults, is great, and not just by virtue of its power.