January 29, 2010

The Secret? Don't try a Vision Board

I'm so disillusioned.

I was so sure I'd win, I had the boyfriend bring up the moving boxes from the storage locker. I told G and her husband that they should think about giving notice as they could move into the garden suite -- rent free. I told my mom that she'd have a nice in-law suite to stay in when she came to visit in April. The Millionaire Designer Lottery Home was mine. I felt it in my soul.

My friend Gord told me about vision boards a while back, and while I'm not a follower of The Secret and the whole Law of Attraction thing, I thought it couldn't hurt to try. I made up a board with the beautiful images of the Lottery Dream House, and sprinkled it positive thoughts. I then taped it to the inside of our front door so that we would look at it everytime we went out (or to the toilet for that matter, as the front door is right beside the bathroom). I had the boyfriend saying positive affirmations every day, and I spoke of the house as ours. I believed in the vision. I believed we would win.

The draw was yesterday. Someone in Abbotsford won. Abbotsford! Not me! How is that possible? Look at that vision board. How could the Laws of Attraction fail to be attracted to that? Disappointment and disbelief follow me around today. The moving boxes are going back into storage.


Rosaria Williams said...

Randomness sucks.

Lianne said...

OMG hilarious. I just spurted coffee through my nose. This is my new tagline.

Sharon McPherson said...

Don't throw away that vision board. Why?

1. Because I do believe in vision boards and the law of attraction thingy and I too will become disillusioned that they don't work.

2/ I bet you - you will get your dream home ... (apparently it takes time) but it WILL come.

Cheryl said...

That's the pitfall of using the secret method. When I first watched that movie a few years ago I was so excited and started putting it into practice right away. And...it seemed to work sometimes. Once a friend of mine was in a karaoke contest so I made up this first place, $100 award placard for her to hold while she was waiting for her turn. She did win the hundred bucks, but got second place instead.

Lots of other stories like that. Am thinking consistant effort and an overall positive attitude works perhaps better than the secret.

Anonymous said...


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