December 23, 2009

Dashing Through the Snow

Last night I was standing beside an older gentleman, waiting for the traffic light to change, when he said --

It's getting colder out. Feels like snow.

Are you hoping for snow?

Yes, I'm an eternal optimist.

Oh, you're hoping for a white Christmas?

Hell, no. I just want to see Santa slip and fall off my roof.

Oh, you must be a lawyer then?

His mouth dropped open, and he started to laugh.

Aren't you the feisty one.

He started to laugh harder.

And yes, actually I am.

The two of us crossed the street, laughing and wishing each other a Happy Holiday. Maybe it's beginning to feel a bit more like Christmas.


Summer Athena said...

best christmas post ever.

gh said...

Ha, thats great. Loved that little story.
Great pic of santa in action :)

Kit Courteney said...

That brightened my day!

Sharon McPherson said...

Ho Ho Ho!!!

Hey, great Xmas story and love the picture. Very funny. :)

Hope your Christmas is great Lianne x

Victoria | Hibiscus Bloem said...

What a great story. Nice to have a spontaneous chat and laugh with a total stranger. A great way to start your Christmas holidays. Happy 2010.