October 23, 2009

Sweet Delights

I received this great award from Kit over at Kit Courteney Writes. It's been a couple of weeks since she awarded it to me and I feel horrible that I'm so tardy in replying and passing it along but time has just been slipping away. So without further ado, here's the deal:

Thank the person who gave this award to you
Copy the logo and place it in your blog
Link the person who nominated you
Name seven things about yourself that no one would really know
Nominate seven Kreative Bloggers

So thank you so much Kit. I'm deeply honoured and extremely pleased.

Hmmm -- now let's see -- seven things about me that no one would really know. I'm a blabber mouth (that's not one of them, everyone knows this) and an open book so there isn't much about me that people don't know. But I think I can come up with seven:

* I can wiggle my ears

* I like liver (but haven't eaten it since I left home because my dad cooked it the best)

* The name given me at birth was Susan Nicol

* I played the piano for ten years and the clarinet for seven

* I don't have favorite things -- I don't like to be limited in that way

* I am an only child

* I remember the 17 digits of my bank card but only when I type it

Well, that wasn't that tough. But now I have no secrets. My closet yearns for a skeleton or two (I'll have to get to work on this).

This next part will be the difficult part for me, narrowing my nominees to just seven, but here goes:


(Ok that was hard -- I had double the nominees)

No pressure to the wonderful blogs/women I've nominated. I just wanted to let you all know how much I think of you and your Kreative Blogs. Enjoy and have a great weekend everyone.


gh said...

I like getting to know these little things about my blogger firends.
I was an only child too growing up and I am thankful that I can remember my SS number. . .
I always have to run for my wallet if I purchase something online as I don't quite have my card number down i memorey yet.
I am curious as to why you changed your name.
How is it going with the new place?
Thanks for the update on the photo :)

Rosaria Williams said...

Congratulations! I know half of the people you nominated, and I totally support your choices. Funny how we can remember something in our fingertips!

Anonymous said...

Hey, have fun refurbishing your closet!!!


Lianne said...

Gary, I was adopted. When you are born your birth mother gives you a name which goes on the adoption order. When your adopted parents get you, they give you a new name (with their family name). I feel an affinity with all Susan's though.

Lakeview, it is odd how our fingers can be memory receptors isn't it? I find if I think too hard about the numbers they won't come -- I just have to let my fingers go, and it's there.

Jonas, you know I will (insert evil chuckle here).

CathM said...

Many CONGRATS on your award! And, what a lovely surprise to receive a nomination from you. I'm really chuffed! I hope to collect and respond soon. Thanks again :)

drollgirl said...

congrats on the award!!!

no skeletons! none?!?!? well, i guess that is ok! i can't wiggle my ears, but i can flare my nostrils like a bull. this is not always good.

Sharon McPherson said...

Congrats on your award!

You think you were being tardy?!!! I have learned a valuable lesson about awards; honour the procedure promptish. I have just passed mine on, including my lovely Lemonade Stand that you give me a way back and it took me aaaaages, but so worth it because I know how great it feels to receive one.

I was intrigued too about your name change, then I read that you are adopted, which is also a revelation. Isn't it great that the more you get to know someone the more interesting they become. :)

LauraCassidy said...

Wow thank you!!! :)

Sharon McPherson said...

Re. Your comments on my blog:

Noooooo Waaaay!!!!!!

How coincidental is that? ... There's me writting a serial about a haunted house, being influenced by the Amityville Horror, and it comes on TV!!!

Now, If I write about finding Mr Right, do you think ...

gh said...

Lianne, I was adopted too. Wow It was pre planned and so I do not think i was even named by my birth mother. She was from South Carolina, of English origin

Cheryl said...

Hi Lianne, you just reminded me I have a few awards I should to pass on too. Next week, I hope.

Oh, I wrote this on my blog too but I won about $1500. So that plus some savings, etc. and I have enough for a bare bones trip or a nice splurge of a trip depending on how long I want it to be. Happy birthday to me!!! (Not for a few months yet though.)

مى said...

Congrats on your award! :) and the blog nominations are cool. I'll be checking them out extensively x

Lianne said...

Gary, I posted about being adopted a while back (look under labels). It was a very odd experience -- finding birth parents.

J, I think I'm kind of intrigued by the flaring nostril thing and I've always been envious of people who can rais one eyebrow.

Beautiful Cairo Girl, thanks so much for dropping by.

LenoreNeverM♡re said...

Thank you so much`woohoo!
I have bad memory, I think it has to do with my mom dropping me from the crib...