November 9, 2009

Oh Dear Kit, What Were You Thinking?

Back at the end of October, my blogfriend Kit passed along an award that stands for integrity, commitment to excellence and stubborn optimism. I can attest to the stubborn part and I should probably be committed, but as for the rest... Perhaps this is where Kit is stubbornly optimistic.

Regardless, I'm honoured and I am now supposed to share my five obsessions.


I bought my first book when I was five, with money I had saved from my allowance. When I was 29 I moved from Toronto to Vancouver. I brought almost 50 boxes of books with me. Since then I have managed to pare my library down to about 30 boxes (I know this because the boyfriend and I just moved a couple of months ago). Bear in mind I haven't stopped buying them. I did invest in an eReader about a month ago but now I'm buying books in hardcover and pdf.


As a kid I loved dogs and they loved me. Somehow I knew about different breeds, even mix-breeds, and could identify dogs this way. This astonished my parents as they weren't particularly dog people. (We did have a Cock-a-Poo before there were such things. I thought Cock-a-Poo was a hilarious name -- two bad words in one -- so my parents started calling her a Spoodle.) I have continued to adore and be obsessive about dogs and breeds. Annually, I make the boyfriend sit through the Westminster Kennel Club Dog Show (did I mention he is a saint?) while I name the breeds and their more humourous characteristics. Best in Show rocks.

Paper and pens

Like all good obsessions this one also dates back to my childhood and is probably related to Obsession #1. Blank paper, lined paper, journals (OMG, don't get me started). Ball-point pens, gel pens, fountain pens. There is nothing like the perfect pen flowing across a perfect sheet of paper. The fluidity, the grace, the irrelevance that my penmanship is illegible. I love my computer, but I still have a romance with paper and pen.

Really old cheddar

My favorite is Balderson's, a robust, ancient cheddar that is so old slicing is more akin to crumbling. You know this is good cheese when their website is!

Actually I adore cheese in general. Blue, Brie, Rochefort, Camembert, Pecorino, Parmigiano-Reggiano, Asiago. And of course along with this obsession is wine, but that's another blog.

Chin Hairs

Probably more info than I should be sharing, but I've sprouted a couple of chin hairs. Do I obsess about these? Do I constantly rub my chin feeling for stubble? Did I freak when my tweezers were confiscated by security at Vancouver International Airport? This is all I can really say about this now. I have to go check my chin in the mirror.

I am also to pass this award along to five other bloggers that I feel capture the spirit of the award. Here they are.

white rabbit

Check them out. They are fabulous.


Sharon McPherson said...

Ahh, you wee rascal! Thank you, Lianne.

Integrity, commitment to excellence and stubborn optimism ... I try. lol

I too have a passion for dogs ... but also cats ... and other pets, my flat is like a petshop.

Books too, I had enough books to fill a library but have moved around alot over the last three years so I gave most of them to charity.

Five obsessions - this is going to be a good post ... OMG! I'll try do it soon.

Love your new banner photo ( I liked your last one too) - you can start a little album ... x

drollgirl said...

well well well. i am just fine with all of your obsessions, and i have to say that i share them! except i have hairs on my NECK. it is MADDENING. gah.

E said...

Lianne, I'm honored to be awarded. I too share the books obsession. Boxes and boxes of books, and I could always use more.

But I think when I hit fifty boxes, it may be time to sort through :)