September 29, 2009

It's My Party and I'll Cry if I Want To

Tomorrow is my birthday and I think my mom is going to forget.

The reason I think this is because every year approximately two weeks before my BDay a card arrives in the mail with "Do Not Open Until September 30th" written on the back. Mom and I live 3,000 miles apart. She has no way of knowing if I tear open the card the moment it arrives (I do) or if I put it away and wait patiently until the day (I don't). She also always includes a cheque for a decent amount, to be spent as I please but "would I please consider buying some "decent" clothes". So when the card hadn't arrived by September 18th and the boyfriend and I were leaving for Vegas on the 21st I started to get a little apprehensive.

We returned from SinCity on September 25th. First thing I did was grab the mail and there was a card! From the boyfriend's mom. Very sweet, she remembered. But nothing from my mom. I called her to let her know that we had survived riding Harleys deep into the desert. I filled her in on our Vegas shenanigans. She filled me in on who was sick, who had died and the new 46" plasma TV she just bought to put in her 8X10 den. I asked if there was anything else new. She said nothing that she could think of. I told her that I didn't get shopping in Vegas. She said that was too bad as there are some good deals down there. I gave her every opportunity to say something about the card being in the mail. Nothing. I wrapped up the call saying that I'd talk to her soon and she said yup, talk in a couple of weeks!!! A couple of weeks? My birthday is tomorrow. Does this mean she's not going to call either?

Mom always remembers. She has these things marked on the calendar. She remembered the boyfriend's 40th birthday in August. His card arrived two weeks before with "Do Not Open Until August 22nd" written on the back (he didn't wait either). Inside was a nice cheque for him to buy whatever he wanted, and "to wear it in good health".

I received this sweet little email from my friend Gord today:


May God grant you many years to live, for sure he must be knowing, the earth has angels all too few and heaven is overflowing...

Have a great Birthday Tomorrow


Hmmm...not feeling so angelic at the moment.


Kit Courteney said...


Secondly: I'm intrigued by the tale of your mother. Maybe she'll make a surprise call and was only trying to put you off the scent?

Thirdly: I'm 39 now and my sister has remembered my birthday perhaps 12 times on her own - she is almost always being prompted by family members... but she never misses her friends' birthdays!

gh said...

Happy Birthday, Lianne! Hmmm, the mom story is pretty alarming. It could be that she sent it off as usual but it is lost in the mail. .
I think you will need to call her today and remind her and ask if she sent a card. It does not sound like she would forget.
Funny how you open it always immediately. . .I would too :)

Sharon McPherson said...

Happy birthday!!!!!!! xxxxxxxx

Hi! Great to have you back and you have survived!!!!

It sounds as though it may have been lost in the mail, as Gary suggests. It happens.

I never take chances on my birthday I always remind my mum and son, on repeat. They are relieved when it has passed!lol

Have a great day Lianne, with or without missing b/day card. :)

White Rabbit said...

Happy Belated Birthday!