September 30, 2009

Happy Birthday Truman Capote

Ok, so my mom still loves me. The card showed up today. It was mailed on the 20th but to the wrong address which would explain why it took so long to get here. Canada Post isn't the greatest at mail redirection. Mom forgot that we had moved so she sent it to our old apartment. I called her tonight and let her know that it had showed up and to thank her. I confessed that I thought she'd forgotten my birthday and she actually laughed and said the joke was on me(?) She said that she had thought about putting some US dollars in the card so that I "could buy something nice to wear" while I was in Vegas, but she decided against it. So the cheque she included will do just fine.

The boyfriend and I are heading to Seattle this weekend. We'll stop at the Seattle Premium Outlet Mall where I will happily buy something to "wear in good health" with the money that mom sent.

We are also planning on going to Norm's for lunch. Norm's is the best restaurant in the Seattle area (Fremont actually), not because the food is so great but because they allow dogs. In the restaurant. At your table. It's so Parisian (the dogs being in the restaurant that is, not the restaurant, or the food, or the language, okay it's not Parisian at all). Everyone is so well behaved and the dogs tolerate people sitting at their tables so well. Our little dog Cass has always believed that she belongs at the table anyway, so she will sit there with a happy little smile on her face as if to say "Finally, now this is civilized".

I had a wee headache today as I had a few too many glasses of wine last night but today was tolerable and all my friends and loved ones either called or emailed. It's a great feeling to know you are loved and cared about. I have wonderful people in my life.

Also a happy surprise. I had ordered a great photo off of Gary Heller's Etsy site and it arrived today. I have hung it in my bathroom and it is absolutely perfect. Thanks so much Gary.


Rosaria Williams said...

Is this the photo you hung in your bathroom? Or the bathroom you wish to hang? Sorry, I couldn't resist. I'm glad you stopped over to introduce yourself. Cruise my blog, copy my pictures and hang them in your cubicle. You're welcome.

As I mentioned somewhere, Oregon has public access to their beaches. So, go for the pictures until you can get yourself down here.

drollgirl said...

oh, happy birthday to you!!! i hope you celebrate in style for weeks to come!

and that photo you bought of gary's is just sublime. i think it is one of his best.

Sharon McPherson said...

Hope you had a great birthday weekend in Seattle - you , boyfriend and little Cass. :) You are so lucky!!!!!

Great photo of Gary's! I remember viewing it in a post. What a great fun statement to make in your bathroom ... definitely be an icebreaker for visitors.

sallymandy said...

Happy Birthday Lianne! I love the photo of your little doggie at the table, and that one at the top of your blog is just fetching (I have Westies. I'm partial.)