July 11, 2009


I was enjoying my morning coffee watching CNN's In The Money when this commercial came on:

Thigh Master for the jawline -- Suzanne Somers, where are you now?


Dan Johnson said...

WTF? is right..

gh said...

Lianne, this is insane like so many other products that seem to be popping up late night all over the place.
A carry pouch!? As if your going to bring this thing with you where ever you go. . .and a "free" cream, pay separate processing of course.
The sad part is that all these crazy ideas come about and sell, because there are fools out there buying.
It reminds me of your comment on my blog about the Coney Island posters bringing back the days of the Snake Oil salesmen. Thats what these guys are selling this stuff. . .modern day snake oil salesmen.

Lianne said...

Haha -- the carry pouch -- I know!