July 19, 2009

Let's Get Crack-a-lackin

What ever happened to Adam Carolla? Loved him in The Adam Carolla Project where he decided he was going to buy a house and renovate it. Always good for a laugh.

Miss him.

Finally found him again in The Hammer. Apparently this movie is loosely based on Adam's life. Hmmm...I'm not a radio personality, not a stand-up, not a carpenter, not a boxer. How can I ever compete?

Adam, where are you now?


gh said...

These were funny. i like AC too but he has been jumpin around to lots of different things.
His description of him being a sex ninja and very stealthy at sex is hilarious.
Now, he is training boxers ?! LOL Love the gilr with the black eye :)
"don't hit em with your arm, use your ass and thigh" lol
should be good for an Adam Corolla fan,

drollgirl said...

adam corolla is hilarious!

he had a job as a deejay on a radio station a while ago, but i heard he got canned for it.

i hope he keeps at it and gets a killer gig soon!

Lianne said...

He has a way about him, doesn't he?

Dan Johnson said...

I always thought he was going to be the guy to break out of The Man Show but it was Jimmy Kimmel. Last I heard him he was a DJ out of some Seattle radio station..

Lianne said...

I'm going to have to check out The Man Show. Jimmy Kimmel is ok but doesn't hold a candle to Adam. Weird how things turn out, isn't it?