July 1, 2009

Happy "Dominion Day" Canada

For Canadians who are older than 27, we remember when our national holiday was called Dominion Day. As a kid I thought it celebrated the grocery store chain and my suspicions seemed confirmed when the hamburgers, hot dogs, assorted condiments, salads, beverages and odd paper table clothes appeared.

Canada Day actually celebrates the creation of the Dominion of Canada through the British North America Act 1867, which came into effect on July 1, 1867. The holiday was formally established in 1879 and was originally called Dominion Day, making reference to the Canadian-originated term 'dominion' to describe the political union, at a time when the Fathers of Confederation were hesitant to use the name the Kingdom of Canada. I'm kind of partial to the Kingdom of Canada, but perhaps it's a little grandiouse for our polite, demur country. The name of the holiday was changed to Canada Day on October 27, 1982.

So Happy Canada day everyone.


drollgirl said...

HOOOOOORAY for canada and cool canadians like you!

and canadian bacon!

Lianne said...

hahaha -- did you ever see the movie Canadian Bacon?

Jennifer said...

My assistant came into my office today and declared "Happy Canada Day!" out loud. Neither one of us has any relation to Canada, and now I am glad to know what the holiday is.