July 27, 2009

Girls Just Wanna Have Sun

My great friend Michelle called a few days ago to say her husband and two boys were heading to Seattle to catch a Mariners game and she would have Sunday all to herself. I jumped at the chance to have her all to myself and suggested we do something, anything that meant hanging together for the day. I thought maybe a pedicure, then a picnic at the beach as the weather forecast was for sun and heat. But Michelle's toes didn't need doing and neither of us felt like preparing for a picnic. It was a day off for both of us. Let someone else do the preparing.

We headed to White Rock, a seaside community that is about forty-five minutes south of Vancouver and a mere five minutes to the US border.

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I had heard about a great restaurant called Washington Avenue Grill (WAG for short) and friends of Michelle's had just recently eaten there and given it the thumbs up. We arrived around 12:30pm, settled into a table in the atrium (with a view of the beach)

and ordered a Corona, a Hoegaarden, and dry ribs as an appie. The restaurant was quiet so we pretty much had the place to ourselves. It was glorious. Fish and chips for a main course, another beer each and we were both happy. We paid the bill and headed to the beach.

The rest of the pictures pretty much speak for themselves.

Pebbles -- just because I love pebbles.

The tide was out and the beach went on and on.

Michelle's toes (see, they really don't need doing) and someone else's footprints.

The someone else?

Just thought they looked lovely.

And don't we?

Lucky homeowners.

A bit of green to cool our feet.

White Rock pier.

The main street.

We strolled the town for a few hours until the heat turned us towards Michelle's air conditioned van and home. It was a great day and a great way to spend a sunny Sunday -- with a great friend, just talking and laughing. Just the two of us.


drollgirl said...

oh, what a fantastic day!!! and it is all so picturesque!!! love it! and i am longing for a day like this. hopefully i get one, soon, and you get another one before you know it! :)

Lianne said...

Thanks J -- we should have many days like this.

Atomic Lola said...

I really like that you're so detailed, especially in the location of your trip. It helps to picture the area. Looks like you had a great time. I'd love to spend a day like that with friends.

Rosaria Williams said...

Good food, good friends, good digs. Lucky you.

Dan Johnson said...


Sharon McPherson said...

Ye, I agree with Atomic Lola, I love that you include a little map, then photolog your day. Great ... :)

gh said...

Yep, you are one for details i notice and that is great. Love the shot of michelles feet in the sand with the dog prints there and the pebbles are a great texture image.
Looks like a fun time with good food and friend.

Cheryl said...

I heard there was a heat wave up there.

I love girlfriend Sundays! Especially when a day trip is involved!

Lianne said...

Oh you bet there is a heat wave going on here. We haven't had temps this high since the Great Depression, and we all know how that turned out.