July 12, 2009

The Book has Arrived!

When I checked the mail on Thursday I found a delivery notice from Canada Post indicating the attempted delivery of a package too large for my mailbox. This could only mean one thing. The long anticipated arrival of The Scottish Himilayan Expition. I picked the parcel up on Friday and as soon as I tore into the cardboard wrapper I could smell that musty, old book smell. It was love.

I ordered the book from The Old Bookshelf over a month ago. The whole London bookshop thing called to mind one of my favorite movies, 84 Charing Cross Road and while I didn't develop a relationship with the proprietor, I did have a completely satisfying experience. Looking for an out-of-print book or a hard-to-find book? Check them out. My book arrived in perfect condition, and exactly as stated. It looks old and well-worn, but loved, as the dedication inside the book indicates:

Flipping through the almost 300 pages, I found a photo of the author, W.H. Murray, and loved the fact that he was the only one looking directly at the camera and me, the reader.

The reason I wanted this book was for the quote "Until one is committed..." Will I ever as committed as these men?

Skimming through the pages, the book looks like it will be an enjoyable read. It doesn't appear too technical (I'm not a climber) or jargon-filled. I'm looking forward to discovering the man (and his world) behind one of my favorite quote.


Sharon McPherson said...

What a great reason to buy a book, a very old book and one which flew 3000 odd miles to get to the reader. How romantic! That could be the beginning of an novel.

I am impressed by the title too - see we Scots are a hardy bunch. lol
If you like quotes about commitment, here is another:
"A real decision is made when you cut off any possibility except what you've committed to do, when you will not look back, when you will not even consider the alternative of giving up."

I scribbled this down in my notebook but forgot to take the source.

Kit Courteney said...


I am LOVING your style (and blog). I have to come back to read it properly but I'm SO loving what I've read so far.

Watch out for a 5'4" slightly mad British stalker... You have been warned ;0)

Dan Johnson said...


Lianne said...

Sharon, it has been a great experience to have this amazing book arrive on my doorstep.

Kit, thanks so much for the warning :-) I will be looking out for you.

Dan, yes awesome it most certainly is. I can't wait to sit down and get lost in the Himalayas.

drollgirl said...

i hope it is one fab read!!!

and another good place to find books is abebooks.com. zillions of books, and they are shipped from around the world. :)

Lianne said...

J - I love abebook.com. Anyone who has a huge catalogue of books and is willing to ship them is #1 with me.

gh said...

This looks fantastic. i love the old b&w photos of these guys in expedition. Sort of haunting in a way. Also love the cover.
This should be a truly interesting read and a book to cherish.

Lianne said...

Thanks Gary -- thought those photos might appeal to you. I will keep you posted on their journey and mine.