June 11, 2009

... post script

Well, my suspicions were completely unfounded. I swear, the guy looked guilty of something, though maybe nothing more than the fact that he was throwing his huge bag of garbage into someone elses dumpster.

Someone beat me to the dumpster and the bag was alreay ripped open (which made it alot easier for me). Here is a list of the some of the contents:

banana peels

egg shells

clock radio (the kind where the numbers flip over)


a box of used hair colour

assorted girly magazines

underware (or panties -- hard to tell)

a necktie

bicycle pump

I see why the guy was skulking in our back alley, looking for a place to dispose of his wares. I wonder if he is married? I wonder if his wife knows his predilection for hair colour? I wonder who gave him the necktie? I wonder what the person who first tore open the bag took?


gh said...

I guess whoever beat you to it was a can collector as they usually tear open garbage looking for the can and bottles.
The sighting and suspicions sort of remind me of the Hitchcock movie "Rear Window, with James Stewart.

Lianne said...

I would have delved deeper into the dumpster but I have enough cans. Also the little fruit flies were annoying. Guess I'll stick with my day job.

drollgirl said...

oh, he is probably a cheating dirtbag man. god! i hope he gets busted.

Dan Johnson said...

Did you keep the girlie magazines? " I'm kidding..

Summer Athena said...