June 7, 2009

Are You Serious?

I went to Meinhart's today (a somewhat pretentious, upscale grocery store) to pick up a jalapeno. When I got to the cash, handed the girl my single item and asked if I could have a bag she lost it. "ARE YOU SERIOUS???" she said. Good for her, I thought. I told her I was kidding and she said that I'd be surprised the number of people that would be serious.

Total cost for the jalapeno? $0.04

Total cost for the homemade salsa? $4.03

Reaction of Meinhart's cashier? Priceless.


Dan Johnson said...

Hilarious. I've all but given up joking with clerks as the majority just don't seem to "get it"... either that or I'm not very funny. Mmmm, salsa. People like to say SALSA..

Lianne said...

Hahaha -- just reading your SALSA I had to say it out loud. SUL-SA.

drollgirl said...

BAHAHAHAH! oh, this could have gotten really ugly if you wanted it to. hahahahahah

Jennifer said...

Lianne, thank you for stopping by and saying "hi." Your table sounds like a fun place to sit awhile. (I SO agree with the hair, by the way. For me it's just not time yet to go gray.)