May 5, 2009

... and while we're talking about laughter

I found this website that will change anything into a different dialect.  Here's a sample of my last post in Redneck...

Whut in tarnation Makes Me Laugh

Today a friend axed whut ah find funny. Great quesshun but pow'ful hard t'put into wo'ds. ah knows I’m not a fan of potty hoomour o' slapstick, but as allus it seems easier t'say whut ah don’t like than whut ah do like. But hyar is some thin's ah knows make me laugh.

Wit (touched wif sarcasm)
Play on wo'ds “ah brin' yo' flours” (fum Peekoolyarr Than Fickshun)
Ev'ryday foibles
Seein' sumpin o'dinary in a noo way
Faintin' houn'dogs
an' …

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